A10 Rosegold Smart Shower Panel

VDG-A10 Rosegold Smart Shower Panel is also with built-in instant electric water heater, which can outlet hot water within seconds.. With the newest shower tray for heat recycling during showering, the energy saving advantage is obvious… the Silicon cushion is also for foot massage, no slippery, and No more worry about bills for more showers in summer! Music via bluetooth will also help you relax from ear to whole body! After swimming, exercise, yoga, climing mountains, before party, before going to work, and after a whole day’s work, what you need is just a shower! Then for more pets, children, elders, this is also very convenient and easy to use by judge from simple indication of pictures…. Love her, Love family, and Love our life. It is right to choose AIMLE smart shower panel.



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