A1 Solar Type Brushed Silver Shower Panel

A1 smart instant shower panel, solar water heater supplement type, When there are more days of no sunny in winter or not enough hot water for whole family in summer cloudy day, then our machine can start automatically working and supplement by heating with electricity… When there is enough hot water from your solar water heater, this functions as shower panel…. No cold any more! The bottom switch with longer bar is the mixing switch, to mix hot water from your solar water heater (too hot for showering directly…) and cold water, then to reach just the right showering hot temparature set in machine… Easy, and compatible with your installed solar water heater… Interested? This is quite great to use instant water heater built-in in our shower panel together with touch screen to smart control your showering water temperature….. thermostatic automatically.

More details, click here: http://vigordragon.com/product/vdg-a1-solar-brushed-silver-smart-shower-panel/

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