A3 Rosegold Shower Panel

A3 Rosegold smart shower panel special with nano anti-bacteria silver ion tubes for water inlet , outlet…. not so many factories do as us, to put smart shower panel whole set to international standard from products inside to outside… The Nano Anti-bacteria Silver Ion Tubes is not only for durable, but also anti-smelly, anti-corrosion, and much better for cold water, hot water outlet! Even in winter, it is not easy to be as cold as the metal type… Color is also matching with the SUS304 +Electroplating color, and the whole machine is with heat recycling shower tray as well, heat efficiency upto 98.6%! Humanization, and Durability, Upgrading to the new era of showering experience. Contact us for more, being our agent, you will have more profit to benefit from cooperation!

A3 product details, please cilck: http://vigordragon.com/product/vdg-a3-rosegold-smart-shower-panel/

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