Take you know more about Obd Factory for Smart Hot Water Bathroom Vanities

No Wall-mounted for Top Safety, and No production of wall-mounted heavy water tank products is the principle from obd factory, Foshan, China!

When and where was this innovative idea from?

With years continuous upgrading from tradtional water heaters, now it looks:

Obd is the original factory and team

who bring the idea of ” No wall-mounted heavy tank water heaters” to real products “Smart Hot Water Bathroom Vanities”.

So let us take you to visit obd factory:

It is obvious quite reputable, and reliable factory and famous brand from Foshan, China, with great innovative ideas for a better world. So we decided to share with you without hesitation! Let’s make a better world for all of us!

Come to us, and contact our team for more types, and more details introduction.

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